Learn Farsi


Try our professional and friendly online classes to learn how read, write, and speak in the Persian language.


Try our professional and friendly online classes to learn how read, write, and speak in the Persian language.

Do you want to begin a venture to learn Farsi but never quite found the time? Our courses are tailor-made for busy people trying to find that extra hour in the week to learn something new.

We offer beginner and intermediate classes and all our teachers are very experienced in this field. Upon enrolment, we will assess your current level and provide you with a suitable class based on your age and your level of fluency.

Everybody could use a helping hand and insha’Allah with these classes we will be able to assist you with your self-development.

Learn more:

Beginner course to Learn Farsi

    This a Farsi language course for beginners and will delve into the Farsi vocabulary and basic grammar. It will equip students with a good foundation of the most common vocabulary, enabling them to go through daily life, navigate a variety of situations, and have necessary conversational fluency.

    Students will be learning how to read, write and speak Farsi and gain a comprehensive understanding of the basics in grammar, including grammatical gender system, word and sentence formation, how to form pronouns, verb patterns and tenses, adjectives, and plurals. This will progress onto a social skills like common greetings, introductions, time-telling and how to describe their family.

    Beginner syllabus outline
      • The Persian Alphabet
      • Greet and introduce yourself and others
      • Talk about your family
      • Ask and give personal information
      • Say where you live
      • Say where you come from
      • Talk about your nationality
      • Talk about jobs
      • Use expressions of time (hours, days, and months)
      • Talk about hobbies and leisure time
      • Describe your likes and dislikes
      • Talk about seasons and colours
      • Shopping
      • Talk about past activities
      • Use numbers 0-100
      • Telling time, age, etc.
      • Ask and give directions
      • Different types of weather
      • Talk about what you are doing now

      Grammer taught at this level:

      • How to make phrases in Persian
      • Word order
      • Past simple
      • Use of prepositions and conjunctions
      • Use of adverb of time
      • Past continues
      • Present

    Course Resources

    Students will receive all relevant course details before the course starts.

Intermediate course to Learn Farsi

    This course is for those who have completed the Beginner course to Learn Farsi or have an equivalent understanding of Farsi. It will equip students with a good foundation in the social culture associated with the Persian language, enabling them to engage in conversations of higher sophistication than the daily living, and will assist building relations with one another in the foreign language.

    Students will be strengthening their comprehensive understanding in grammar, learning how to speak about trips in different tenses, express their interests in different arts and history, and describe various other interests like health and lifestyle activities.

    Intermediate syllabus outline
      • Moving to a new house
      • Your daily routines
      • Iranian family
      • Visiting friends and family
      • The best event in your life
      • Role models
      • Hobbies and interests
      • Historical places
      • The best holiday in your life
      • Your favourite film genres
      • An Iranian film
      • Exercise
      • Food
      • Vegetarianism
      • University and school
      • Studying abroad
      • The best book you have read
      • A story from the Shahnamah
      • One of the most famous Persion poets (Hafez)
      • Iranian traditional music
      • Yalda night
      • Nowruz
    • Grammer taught at this level:

      • Impersonal verbs
      • Pluperfect
      • Conditional sentences
      • Auxiliary verbs

    Course Resources

    Students will receive all relevant course details before the course starts.

    So how does it work?

    Our terms start in autumn, winter, and spring; each enrolment will place you in the subsequent start of a new term.

    Existing students will either continue studying their current course for the following term, or advance to the next course of the chosen subject, depending on their progression per recommendation of the teacher.

    We aim to cater for each students’ abilities, so it may be also likely that they transition onward to the next course upon completion of the 3 terms in the year from the beginner course to intermediate.

    Lessons take place online and are held hourly in groups once a week for a duration of 12 weeks per term. Whilst these courses are being run online, students are expected to turn on their camera when interacting with the teacher.

    Subject to changes and adjustments, our current teaching hours for the term starting 26th September 2022 are:

    Under 12s  –  Friday 7PM
    Adults         –  Saturday 6PM

    Get in touch for further enquiries!
    Email:                    [email protected]
    Telephone:         +44 758888 8692